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Table brightly colored in yellow

Hazel Set

Can be used for a wide range of birthdays, baby showers, 100 days, etc.


2 vases, 2 artificial flower bouquets, gold cake stand, yellow cake stand, picture frame, yellow bojagi, mini vase, 2 baskets, wooden dessert stand (square), 2dessert plate (porcelain), thread, thread mate, 1st birthday wall sign or 100days sign.

** The bumbo chair is not subject to rental.

** The frame is not intended for photo placement and will not open.

** Wall sign can be changed acording to type of occasion


2화병, 2 조화꽃다발, gold케이크스탠드, 노랑 케이크스텐드, 액자, 노랑보자기, 미니화병, 2바구니통, 나무디저트스텐드(사각), 2디저트접시(도자기), 실타래, 실타래 받침, 1st birthday 또는 100day 벽걸이 사인.

** 아기 의자는 대여 대상이 아닙니다.

**액자는 사진을 넣는 용도가 아니며 열리지 않습니다.

** 벽걸이 사인은 기념일종류에 따라 변경가능합니다.


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